Saturday, March 31, 2012

Minecraft Origami

Minecraft Papercrafts   Print and Enjoy

Day Mobs

Your Skin! (Medium) [Just upload your skin's file, and print away!) *Link submitted by lilliu97*

Steve (Medium)

Steve's arm Holding a Pickaxe (Hard)

PIg (Medium)

Cow (Medium)

MooShrom (Medium)

Chicken (Hard)

Sheep (Easy-ish) 

Sheep (Part 2)

Squid (Easy-ish)

Wolf (Medium)

Villager (Medium) *Link submitted by Aikidoboy*

Night/ Neither Mobs

Creeper (Easy-ish)

Silverfish (Medium)

Skeleton (Extreme!)

Spider (Medium)

Slime (Easy)

Zombie (Medium)

Zombie-Pigman (Medium)

Enderman (Medium)

Blaze (Medium)

Ghast (Hard-ish)

Magma Cube (Easy)

Blocks (there's A LOT of blocks, so i won't post them all, but here are the most popular,)

Grass (Easy)

Chest (Medium)

Coal ore (Easy)

Cobblestone (Easy)

Crafting Table (Easy)

Diamond Ore (Easy)

Dirt (Easy)

Furnace (Easy)

Gold ore (Easy)

Iron ore (Easy)

Log/Tree (Easy)

Sand (Easy)

Stone (Easy)

TNT (Easy)

Tree Leaves (Easy)

Wood/Planks (Easy)

Cake (Easy)

Glow Stone (Easy)

Piston (Hard) [It Moves!]

Mushrooms/Flowers (Easy)

Door (EXPERT!)

(P.S. Thanks to Bearodactyl on the Minecraft forums, as i used some of his links above^) (P.S.S. special thanks to


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    SWEET! I just got a free Minecraft card code at

  2. These are really cool, but there should be more blocks and mobs. How about a cat, or an ocelot?
    You should also have tools and swords- that would be AWESOME!!!!!

  3. Can you print these?